e-Learning Solutions

eLearning and mLearning

While eLearning and mLearning are an integral part of training delivery today, we combine our sound Instructional Design practice, visual design and expertise in various authoring tools to create sticky eLearning and mLearning experiences. We understand the learner demographics and design Learning accordingly – eLearning, a mix of traditional and trending, multi-device compatible solutions … we do it all!

ILT / VILT and Blended Learning

Classroom trainings can make or break learning experiences. We’ve got solutions to help our customers bring them to life – a touch of virtual feel, activities, interactivities, scenarios, roleplays and more. We offer elements of Gamification, Microlearning, Social Learning, videoconferencing, online group interactions and plenty more to take the learning experience to another level.

LMS Expertise

To be able to assess the impact on your training ROI, not only do you need to know how your learners are faring, you also need a robust system in place to supervise and manage your learning programs effectively. From tracking of learner performance or managing your learning programs the cool way (next gen-learning paths), with our Learning Management System (LMS) expertise, we’ve got you covered.

Our Services

Learning Solutions

Our solutions help you to bring learning experiences to life.

Events Solutions

Events with enduring value, created to provide meaningful experiences.

E-learning Solutions

Custom e-learning designed specifically for your training objectives.

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